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We always take inspiration from great ideas around us. Let us discuss some of the famous animal logos that have been prominent in the market from a long time.


This is an Italian company that manufactures sports cars. The company has contributed largely in car racing, and its cars are well known for the same. The emblem consists of a black prancing horse on a yellow background. This symbol signifies trustworthiness, strength and speed.


This is also a car manufacturer belonging to England and its symbol consists of a leaping jaguar. The leaping creature signifies the speed and power of the manufacturer’s car.


This is a line of personal care products manufactured by Unilever. The business icon of Dove consists of a Dove. The sweet and peaceful nature of the dove is pertaining to the mild nature of Dove products. The dove bird in the Dove emblem signifies harmony and honors the forfeit of the military people, because these products were made for them only originally.

Mozilla Firefox:

This is a very popular web browser and has a lot of appealing aspects that attract the user attention. Its emblem consists of a fiery fox around the blue globe. This is the perfect representation of the characteristics of the browser’s nimbleness and its universal appeal.
If you must have noticed, that not only the choice of the creatures is appropriate, but it is also relating to the characters of the company’s products. Furthermore, the symbolic representation is correct, and also the choice of font, its style, and the font size is according to the nature of the creatures. Everything is relating to each other, and nothing seems out of place.

These best animal logos are an inspiration to us. We can share these ideas and make use of them in a much better way.

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According to a famous quote, ‘A fauna's eyes have the authority to speak a great language’. With help of the accurate design, that speech will do wonders for your product.

Similar to the typescripts, you can apply free animal logo with various effects according to your production nature. You can employ them with 3D appearance, graphics, pictures, silhouettes or water effect or even hand drawings. Whatever you choose should match the profile of your business and should be relevant. For instance, if you are a women’s fashion dress designer then you can employ thin lined fauna pictures to give a feel of novelty and ingenuity to your company or brand name.

The simplest way to make your brand mark appear intimidating and unapproachable to its opponents is to use descriptions of feral creatures in your corporation brand mark design. That way you can tell the humanity that you signify strict commerce and you are determined towards your goal. Using untamed creatures in your business symbol creates fright and demands instinctive value at the same time which can be ideal for the ruthless rivalry in this industry.

Faunas are effortlessly familiar all over the world. A ten year old underprivileged child living on the streets of Africa might not be acquainted with swoosh, but he can definitely relate to a soaring cat or a rabbit with a bow around its collar.

A shark is almost certainly the most feared creature in the world. A correctly designed illustration of a shark in your universal animal logo can tell its spectators that you mean business. In this world of severe rivalry, a shark in the brand mark is the best way to illustrate antagonism, hostility and fury which can be ideal if you are trying to threaten a rival sports team or designing a brand mark for a confidential inquiry business.

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