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People start businesses by taking loan money from banks, friends or SBA (Small business administration). It’s a usual case, but I got to tell you something, it isn’t the right thing to do at all. In fact if you start your business by loan money, you put yourself and your family in jeopardy. One of the basic things to understand when starting up a business is that you have to HAVE ENOUGH CASH IN YOUR ACCOUNT TO START A BUSINESS, no matter huge or miniature, as money is the first thing that is required to start a business.
What happens when you take loans from banks or lenders and unable to pay them back on time, the lender is likely to call in the loan or refuse to renew it for another year, Often new small business owners then have to take out home equity loans or use their credit cards to pay off their loans which puts their home and credit rating at risk. So you should make sure that you have enough cash in hand (of course it should not be from a loan) then put your feet in the business world.

When you step into a new business, you have to take care of all the business loans, taxes and the money owed to suppliers and landlords. Here, it is the capital that plays the part in keeping you away from all the difficulties. What you have to understand is that a newly established business needs time to get you revenue, sometimes it takes moths, sometimes years.

Being patient till you save enough capital is the key for safely starting up a business which would be a definitely a successful one.
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Dealing with Spamming has become our daily activity. There would be no one who doesn’t receive spam in his e-mail box. Whether it’s a bourgeoisie or a multi billionaire business man, one way or other he has to encounter these spamming e-mails no matter how much security he puts on his inbox. Now, Let’s talk about what is spam and why and how it is done?

What is spamming?
When a company or an individual sends out advertisements in bulk mailing, no matter if you have agreed to receive these offers or not, this is called spamming.

Why it is done and what are the types of Spamming?

Spamming is done for different purposes;

1. To promote a particular company’s name or product (by evoking the emotions or excitement of the readers).

2. To take out personal information of the reader, which can be for any reason let it be for future blackjacking or just to get some money by fooling someone.

3. To get people click on some advertisements so the spammers can get paid via PTC (PTC is a program through which you can get paid just if people click on your installed adds on a website or a blog).

What do the spammers get and why do people get into spamming trap?

The answer for this one is real simple; MONEY, MONEY and more MONEY! How? I just mentioned that in the previous lines.

Who falls in the spammers trap?

The ratio of people who get scammed, or just get to pay some money for a piece of crap product over the internet (which many times don’t even exist!) is very low, but there are people who believe in these spamming emails. These are those people who are usually new to internet and don’t know what exactly spam is and how much damage it can do to them. Many times people even give away their credit card numbers or social security numbers which cost them some good trouble about which they never imagined of.

What is the solution or, How to be saved from this annoyance?

Well, there are no set rules or pre requisites to stay away from spam. However you may follow the following points if you want to be saved from those spammers out there as much as you can;

• Do not open the mails that you receive in your mail box’s spam folder, especially those ones that have images attached to them, until or unless you recognize the sender or there e-mail id.

• If you receive any suspicious e-mails in your inbox, mark them spam by clicking on the SPAM button without opening them.

• Every Email service comes with spam filtration options that lessens the spamming emails. You may change your spam setting by going to your mail box settings option to set the level of security you want (but you have to remember that putting your mail box on a higher extent of security will allow some of your important and legit emails to the spam folder too).

If you don’t want to lose your sleeps, you better be aware of spam and all of its hassles.

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Raising the newly born brand is a very big challenge for any small business owner. But today, as there is more inclination towards tried and true products constructing a buzz for your new brand really needs creativity, consistency and smarty brain.

Brand is a promise you make with your customers while size of the promise depends highly on the size of your brand. If your brand is an infant, it will demand your intense focus on marketing efforts. Don’t just start targeting high level prospects and don’t transmit mixed messages, keep your little brand simple while following four cost-efficient branding strategies.

Look Inside Your Customer’s Mind:

Just to search about your target buyers so that you have a thorough knowledge about the demographics about your customers like age and income. That’s not enough! You need to seriously think on what will motivate people to buy your products so that you can transmit your messages accordingly.

Endorsement from High Profile People:

Expert endorsement is the best way to enhance your brand such as; a movie star, a tech wizard etc. So consult those big personalities who can easily fuel up your brands. It can be a little difficult to reach them, therefore, you will need special marketing for this purpose.

For instance, Chrissy Azzaro, who is a fashion designer setup My-Tee- casual wear, some years ago. Azzaro paid to join star-studded Bazaar that was hosted by a company “Backstage Creations”. The charges of Backstage Corporation were up to $10,000 in order to join TV award shows for behind the scene gatherings and other special events. In this way marketers easily got access to the celebrities to have a chat after the show where these celebrities were given gift bags with expensive My-Tee tops. The catch here is that celebrities will not only wear these brands but also people will see them wearing, eventually boosting the company’s sale volume. Soon after that famous pop singer Nelly Furtado were seen wearing My-Tee top. It resulted in stories about My-Tee in media like Los Angeles Daily News, etc. Azzaro become famous in a very short span of time!

Attract Hot Prospects Attention:

Search for the annual shows that consist of your top customers. Hire a speechwriter to construct newsworthy presentations. You can also consult a marketing firm to develop unique ways to market your products and services. Try to make an everlasting and memorable impression at high profile shows and places.

Attract Public Relations Pros Towards Open Markets:

There are variety of local, small industry media and press that can boost your brand up high but it is better that you hire the services of public relation agency to do this work. Just like Jamey Bennett latest enterprise lightwedge promotes personal reading light.

He began selling the $35 lights a few years ago and says he's grossed $1 million within the span of six months. He said "I'm using PR to explore niche markets via trade publications." Bennett suggests entrepreneurs to go for small PR agency so you can become their key clients. Interview them before hiring them; you can even go for a free project probationary period unless you are satisfied with them.

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Article Title: Fargo Logo Designs

Publishing date: April 27th, 2010

If you want a nice vacation, you might visit Fargo Moorhead. Fargo Moorhead is the metropolitan area in the US, and common name for; North Dakota, Moorhead and Minnesota. Festivals, shopping areas, great music and golfing are the main attractions of Fargo Moorhead. Fargo Moorhead is also famous for the logos associated to it, whether it’s the financial services, charity organizations, sports teams, educational institutions or the hotels.

Some of the most famous Fargo Moorhead related logos are the Gate City Bank Logo, Minnesota State University Moorhead (Msum) Logo, Fargo Moorhead Area Foundation (Fmaf) Logo, Best Western International Logo, And Fargo-Moorhead Red Hawks Logo.

In the following article “Fargo Logo Designs”, you will learn about different categories of Fargo logos that are awe inspiring for most of the logo designers out there. You may read this article by clicking here.
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It is now the part of any business to promote and brand itself; you must have noticed that products with tawdry products become so famous and popular just because of exceptional promotion and advertising, and quality products couldn’t win the race. So, it is better that you start branding on the day when the product is created. For this purpose, apart from basic advertising one of the best way to promote your business is to have stationery design.

Today, whether it is a small business or a huge firm, stationery design is a must for every business. It helps in portraying and establishing a symbol of a corporate identity globally. Stationery design basically signifies an efficiently built statement which is sturdy enough to express the basic idea of the business and the basic attributes of the product or services in an understandable way.

As there are millions of businesses worldwide, stationery design has become the necessity for a business to make it unique and distinctive. Business stationeries include envelopes, business cards, booklets, newsletters, billing slips etc. Business name and logo can do a lot for your company, so remember to print your business name and logo on your stationery design, especially on a business card. If you have noticed you get so many business cards during a networking event, why? Simply, because it is the first impression that you create on your prospects and existing customers.

Think of your stationery design as a magnet to attract the potential customers. Whenever you go to visit your potential customer you need to leave a professional and distinctive image to your client and this is all done by well built stationery design.
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Article Title: Logo Design Trends of 2009

Publishing date:
April 5th, 2010

In modern times, the environment has sped up and every single day you see the revolution in technology, organizations and similarly business logo designs. Each year, new logo design trends are unveiled and professional logo designers adopt the new trends and incorporate them in their designing techniques. There would be nobody who wouldn’t want to attain a nice logo design for his company because a logo design is considered one of the most vital parts of a business branding for good reasons.

The following article “The Top 10 Logo Design Trends of 2009” unveils TYPOGRAPHIC LOGOS, PSYCHEDELIC LOGO DESIGN TREND, ORIGAMI LOGO DESIGN TREND, ENCRUST, PICTOGRAMS LOGO DESIGN TREND and more trends. The article unveils a lot of information about the trends many famous logos followed and will follow. You must check this article if you want to know what logo design trends are all about, here’s the link for this article.
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As a business holder, one of the most important business decisions is to choose the right banner design. Regardless of the fact whether a banner is designed by some hired professionals or is an in-house development of the business, certain critical decisions have to be made. No matter what happens, an enterprise will always want its banner to work well. And it is true that a banner design can prove to be an important component for the success of a business. However, many businesses make the blunder of choosing their banner on the ground of their personal preferences. But individual preferences should rather be avoided when deciding on the right banner design for a company.

While designing a banner certain factors should be kept in mind. And these components become more essential than personal preferences or likings, which would decide the success of the business.

Ideally, a banner design should be created by keeping the company’s customers and competitors in mind. Now, how to make your banner design?

First of all, brand definition. A businesses’ brand definition should ideally guide the design of all the brand identity materials, starting with the banner. However, the most important things to decide before designing your banner will be:

1. Who you are, what your business is all about, its vision and intention

2. What you do, that is; what are the products and services your company deliver?

3. What makes your company different from your competitors?

4. Who you look to provide, or your target market.

After you evaluate your strategy according to the given pointers you may segregate your full brand definition down to the most essential elements. This is how you can get a great banner design for your business.
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“Buy. Download. Use! Just in $32!” you must have read these kinds of things on different websites, right? What do you think about them? I know these sort of offers sound great but aren’t they too good to be true? Well, if you ask me, all I would say is; certainly they aren’t really true. In fact they are RIDICULOUS!

There are many people who already know that these kinds of offers aren’t reliable but they still put their money on them and end up on a loss. I want to ask those people how can they let these scammers play with them and their family’s financial lives? Don’t they know that a business is a corporate identity, and many people respect and like business persons only because of that corporate identity!

I have seen many people trusting these kinds of scammers who show you the picture of wonderlands and make you end up on zilch! Just think, how can anyone make your stationery this cheap??? I know; they DO give you the stationary you pick from their website but what kind of stationary is that? Is that a custom made stationery? Is it made according to your business theme? The answer is; NO, NO and a big NO!!!

All they give you is a premade stationery design that doesn’t deserve a single penny. If you were unaware, it’s time to realize that as much your business is precious for you, as much it should be for your customers which will build a strong relationship between you and your customers. To make your business precious for your customers you need to make it special for them. And to do that you need make each and every asset of your business look nice and pleasing, including your business stationery which can be only done by a personalized stationary design company which offers you a package in which they provide you; personalized brochure designs, free photos, multiples design concepts, unlimited revisions and most importantly, the 100% Money back guarantee.

It doesn’t really make a difference whether you have a small business or a gigantic corporation; the need of custom stationery is must. Why do we emphasize so much on personalized stationery rather than a readymade stationary? There are many reasons for that, but if we summarize all of those reasons in a short space it will be like this;

“custom made stationery helps a business to uniquely make its way towards the heights of success as it is made according to the theme of the business, by choosing matching colors, designs, images and other elements that represent the business image perfectly and leave a brand identity mark on customer’s mind.”

Are you still going to get premade stationery? I know you aren’t. So, let’s refuse those absurd offers;

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In the present time, the search for good logo designers is really difficult. In view of the fact that there are hundreds of logo design services exist, it’s intricate to decide which one would be the most suitable for your logo design project. At this point of time, it depends on your decision making skills to identify the finest one of them for your company’s logo. In this piece of writing I’ll illuminate 5 main characteristics of trustworthy logo designers which you can scribble down to make a distinction for the best logo designers from the logo design arena.

1. Good logo designers make good impression because they are sure-footed professionals and efficient with their job, and you can judge them by their confidence in the very first meeting. It is very important for you to evaluate their confidence level to make sure you are giving your project to the right logo design company.

2. Good logo designers are antiquated, because number of years really matter for any professional to become an expert in his field. Therefore you should give preference to an antiquated logo designer over a fresh logo maker.

3. Good logo designers show you great logo samples when you visit them, because of the reason that they save all the logos of their clients as their skill and accomplishment samples so they can show those designs to their potential customers to help the customers distinguish them easily.

4. Where there are many famous logo designers who create great logos but charge large sums of money to cash their experience and name, there are many “not so famous” logo designers too. These designers create excellent logos and charge very less amount of money as compared to the famous logo designers. Consequently, being famous is not important but to be skilled is.

As a conclusion; the selection of good logo designer is very difficult but if you follow the given prerequisites, this job can be easily done.
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Article title: 11 FAQs for Business Branding

Publishing date: March 20th, 2010

It’s the brand that unlocks the door of opportunities for you. If your branding gets done in the appropriate way, there is no way you can fail to achieve what you desire through your brand and you can take my words for this. In the article “11 FAQS of business branding” you will find answers of the following FAQS:

1. What is the core of a brand and what are its remunerations?

2. Do I need a brand?

3. Does business branding determine the decision of my clients?

4. How a brand can help me to get success even when I am running with a limited budget?

5. Is a LOGO DESIGN obligatory to form a brand?

6. Is it ameliorating to register my brand name as a trademark and how much would it cost?

7. Would having a recognized brand ever work against me?

8. Can business brand extensions work for me?

9. How much does a brand worth?

10. What brings revenues and builds up the trust for my business brand in the first place?

11. How do I change my visual modality to form an ideal brand?

Click here to get the answers of these FAQS.
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There is no shadow of a doubt that construction of a brand image is very important for a corporate identity, but unfortunately the value of logo design is not been taken seriously by many people. Displaying your marketing maneuvers again and again may become boring to you but it is not so for your clients, as the more you repeat your message along with your company logo design, the more your brand will be better known in the marketplace. There is a lot that a good logo design company can do to help you get your business a prominent place in the market and draw more customers.

The creation of a company logo design begins with illustrating the company’s image. There are no boundaries with this process and you can let your imagination go wherever it wants, this is how you can come up with unique ideas. Also, you should design a logo in such a way that your customer remembers it and associates it with your products or services. For this, you can use various images in your logo because pictures attract people more as compared to words. Some logos can get renowned in an instant but others take some time to get acquainted in the market. This all depends on how you strategize your business image.

In the process of logo development, make sure that you hold on to certain principles when it comes to using fonts and colors. The fonts you choose should be generic as much as possible, make sure that the colors you choose are the ones that symbolize your business most efficiently. Taking the nature into consideration while designing a company logo design will help you to portray a pleasant message to the audiences, and you can also use symbolic elements that are easy to be identified, for instance; water, greenery, sky, animals etc but only if those elements get along with your business theme otherwise you will not be able to make the desired impact on the clients.

As a conclusion, a good company logo design is a combination of nice and appropriate fonts, colors and symbols which make a logo successful.
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Suppose if you are getting ready to run every day jobs on a busy Sunday morning, thinking about the groceries that need to be purchased, the dry cleaned cloths that need to be picked up, and the letters that must get to the post office before midday. The trip to the post office prompts you that your cousin’s birthday is next Tuesday and you need to buy and mail a birthday gift along with a greeting card. You start panicking; got no clue what are you going to do with this problem, but hey! In a quarter of a second a name flashes in your mind “Walmart” Ta da! You got the instant solution of your problem!

But the question that raises here is; why did you think of Wal-Mart?

The answer to this question has everything to do with Walmart’s branding strategy. Walmart planned a smashing corporate branding strategy and worked on it with the support of their team day and night to achieve the position they are now on. Because of the same branding strategy billions of people know about Walmart as well as they adore it.

Now let’s talk about the elements that make a great company like Walmart:

1. Simplify your business by defining or re-defining your target market:
One of the best ways to plan a business branding strategy or redefining an existing strategy is to go through your business areas to re-evaluate your product’s image, its effects on the consumers and its marketing process to re-define your target market.

2. Perform an extensive research on your competitor’s branding strategies:
In order to come up with a unique corporate branding strategy you must conduct a thorough research on your competitor’s branding strategies. Try to figure out why they are successful, in order to apply the techniques they have used to gain betterment. Also look for the mistakes they have made which caused them any tribulations and the loop holes they currently have in their branding strategy, to avoid those slips while planning yours.

3. Find your USP (Unique Selling Proposition, also known as Unique Selling Point):
USP is a concept of marketing that was first presented as a theory to explicate an outline among successful advertising campaigns in the early 1940s by Rosser Reeves of Ted Bates & Company. Such campaigns make unique proposals to the customers which convince them to switch brands. If you want to beat your rivalries you need to get your hands on a USP.

4. Be interchangeable and innovatory:
To become a successful business person you need to be interchangeable no matter what circumstances come to your way, just make yourself flexible enough to get mold whenever needed. “Change” is a routine part of business world and things get changed within seconds as prices go up and down, strategies get failed in friction of seconds, workers come up with offensive maneuvers and so on. The key is to keep calm and flexible.

5. Evaluate your business branding strategy by Avoiding all the errors:
Finally, the evaluation part comes. When you have completely planned your business branding strategy you have to deeply look into all the aspects of your branding strategy to make sure there are no loop holes left. Also the process of tracking and eliminating all the textual errors from; stationeries, websites, blogs or social network places is crucial because little errors give a false impression to clients about the company or its products, which is not an acceptable thing for your business.

“In business, people fall, get up and then learn from their mistakes. One, who learns from other’s mistakes and skips the falling part, is the real business man.”
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Every business needs a logo design to obtain an individual identity. Logos are not only created to portray a business image but they depict the personality of the business owner as well as the entire business team. If a logo design is decent, creative and effective, it will help the company to stand out head and shoulders above from the rest of its competitors.

There are two common options for any business to choose between, a custom logo design or a free logo design. Where a free logo doesn’t allow you to do a lot with the logo design, there are immense benefits of a custom logo design. Here I am putting down the 4 primary benefits of a custom logo design for you to understand why a custom made logo is so important for a business;

4 significant benefits of a custom logo design:

1. It follows the business theme: As a custom design contains symbols and objects in accordance with the company’s name, slogan, services and products; it goes in concordance to the ideologies of the firm which helps the business to make an appropriate impact.

2. It portrays the right message: For the reason that a custom logo is fully personalized whether it’s about logo colors, typography or the slogan of the company, the logo sends the right message of the company and makes a high impact on the masses.

3. It can be customized and resized: A custom logo design can be edited and resized without the risk of damaging its pixel or color quality because you have got all the objects and layers saved individually as an editable file format. Therefore modifying a custom logo is not a problem.

4. It’s your own property: A customized logo is free of copyright issues as it is totally designed with the original themes and ideas so no one can claim it as a copy of his artwork.

I am sure after getting familiar with the given pointers you will learn why a custom logo is way superior to a free logo design.

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Plagiarism is an ever increasing pain in the neck for logo designers who put so many efforts to come up with unique logo designs. Plagiarism has especially increased with the dawn of the internet technology. Just by doing a simple click or a minor search on Google, anyone can copy the corporate logos. As a matter of fact, Google itself has not been safe from this unethical action. Google recently warned “Goojje”, which is a Chinese search engine to change its logo design. It happened when Google found out that “Goojje” has made a facsimile of their world famous Google logo.

As plagiarism has become a widespread problem in this era, people often plagiarize materials which are easily and readily available on internet. Be it the education area or the corporate business world, the nuisance of plagiarism is predominant. The same annoyance exists in the logo designing industry. You will witness diverse logos that either resemble other logos or are an out-and-out copy. Regardless of how you come up with a logo design for your company, you have to make certain it does not unintentionally fall into the parameters of logo thievery.

There is a huge difference between an original logo design and a logo design inspired from another. Innovation is something that many logo designers claim but getting inspired from a logo design, making minor changes to it and then claiming it to be fresh and unique is not called originality.

Even though, many logo designers have been defending themselves by saying that creative minds think similarly and I think they are not completely wrong. What happens is that a logo designer observes so many logo designs in his life, so purposely or unconsciously, he follows those logo design ideas when designing for a client.

However, there must be a way to stay safe from the plagiarizers, because you never know when you get to see your own logo on someone else’s website with a different name and slogan!
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Do you face the problem of people not understanding the theme of your business and services?

Do they keep asking you to explain your brand strategies very often? It’s time to take action and do something about it. But do what? Is that your question? Allow me to explain;

What represents a company’s image at the first place? It’s the logo of a business. It’s the logo that makes your identity and builds a delicate credibility. And for the answer of the question that

why people don’t recognize and understand the basic concepts of your business?

“It’s because of your business logo design.”

When a logo is unable to communicate to the audience it is totally ineffective. Every viewer looks for the basic message or idea of a company in a logo design to decide whether he wants to spend money on its products/services or not.

The things a customer looks for in a logo design are its elegance, uniqueness and credibility. If a logo fails to give these three impressions, the potential customer vanishes. It has been seen many times that even if a logo is designed in a very fine manner it still doesn’t make the company’s desired impact. In this case; there is no fault of the logo designer or the team behind the logo ideologies. It’s just bad luck.

Now, to overcome the bad consequences of the above mentioned situation a designer is left with only one choice, that’s to transform the logo into an animated logo design. By sticking to the original design one can transform a static logo into an animated one with less efforts and hassles.

These are the three benefits of turning a static logo into an animated one;

1. Your logo design becomes conversational to send your company’s message to the audiences.

2. Your logo design starts to respond to the queries of potential clients by giving the crystal clear picture of your business theme.

3. And last but not the least; your logo begins to assist people when they need any help related to your business field by showing the correspondent elements of your business sphere, which drags people to your spot.

So, you get the picture of how an unsuccessful logo can become the strongest part of your business, and raise your sales graph to the top which is a dream of every businessperson!

As a news flash, if your logo is not communicative, you have got to turn it into an animated logo right away!
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A logo is an asset that ideally conveys the true message of your brand to the target audience. There are two common types of logos; custom logos and premade logos. A custom logo design is way superior to a premade logo design because a premade logo is already stuffed with some shapes, elements and colors and you don’t have many options to modify them.

At the other hand, the custom logo designs are started from scratch by choosing color schemes and fonts, and by creating new symbols and objects. Therefore a custom logo design is the right choice for your precious business and you should not have any second thoughts about it.

Now as we have discovered that a custom logo design is the right option for your business, we have to look at the outline of benefits a custom logo can bring:

• Custom logo designs are created specifically according to the theme of your business. Also a custom logo serves itself to specify your business strategies to the clients while premade logos stay in the boundaries of traditional designing, which is definitely not suitable for you.

• As there are uncountable brands in the market a custom logo helps you to create a unique brand identity which leads you to a better recognition. Likewise, clients remember your brand for a long time if your custom logo is designed under the specifications of your business theme and products.

• A well-designed custom logo gives the impression of stability and credibility which a premade logo cannot render. Custom logo designs are admirable for the reason that their design goes in the accordance with the company’s name and slogan.

As a result, there are uncountable benefits of custom logo designs that make custom logos superior than premade logos.

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Brochure design plays a major role to promote your business. However, some people think design of a brochure doesn’t matter and they can design or publish brochure of any kind they would like to. In reality, brochure design is an essence of effective marketing. Who knows after seeing the brochure design of your business, prospect would show some interest and become your customer, in turn.

Color of the brochure should be given the priority beforehand. Hues and shades should be designed in a fashion that color shades are in full contrast with the background color. Font colors and background colors should be in full contrast to make users read what you want them to read. It’s desirable to use vibrant colors in a brochure design in order to attract the maximal readers.

One important factor, which should be considered while designing the brochure design for your business, is the flow of information. It should gain attention of the reader. It’s a good idea to hire professionals for your brochure designing to make a proper layout for your business. It would please the readers to see a brochure design with a consistent flow of information and relevant pictures while disorganized brochure design distracts reader attention.

Your brochure should be designed according to prospect’s point of view in order to make your prospect read what he/she desire. Your brochure design should contain each element to inspire the prospect and make him/her your customer, in turn.

If you pose any question to a brochure design; then make sure your reader is compelled to answer each and every question. Otherwise, don’t include any question to a brochure design.

Avoid using the common fonts like Arial or Times New Roman in a brochure design. Use an innovative font to converse well with the reader and make your reader inspired.

Conclusion: Brochure design for any business is an asset to market business products but it should be attractive and professional to make readers interact with it.
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Small businesses that want to look real and credible need to understand the importance of graphics design for their websites. Website of a business should be designed in a manner that it should portray the real essence of business philosophy and brand image to its target audience perfectly. Poorly designed website cannot leave much impact on the mind of a prospect, and it is a fair chance that he would switch to your competitor website instantly. Therefore the online business owner should give the priority to include an element of graphics in his/her website before taking one step ahead to his/her website design. Following features will help you identify how graphic design gifts your website credibility over your competitors:

• If you are running a home based business; then graphics is your key to help your visitors stay at your site. It has been observed that users interact more to creative quality graphic design websites.

• If your business is to market e-books; then cover page should contain influential graphic design embossed on it to catch customer’s eye in order to develop some potential among your customers to buy your e-books.

• Creative graphic design not only conveys the central message of a website to its target audience, it also augments the brand identity of its online business.

Logo design of any website tells the user what the website is all about and what function it performs. But the logo can exist no longer if it does not contain a natural graphic design outlook.

• If your website provides the services of B2B, B2C or C2C like eBay or Amazon; then graphic design of your website should hit the bull’s eye your e-commerce business to your target customer.

Conclusion: Finally, I would like to conclude that online businesses look nominal without an element of graphics involved in it; therefore in order to be look creative graphic design serve as a key to such businesses.
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The storage department of any shop is a mess, everything is everywhere. It has the same products that are for sale in the shop but there is a difference in their placement. Why? Because it’s out of bound for the customers but in his shop the owner has to sell the products, so he displays them in an organized and simple manner so that every product holds its own position and doesn’t overshadow any other product. That space left between individual products or items is what you call white space.

Your webpage is also like a shop which people walk in to when they log in. Every advertisement, content or picture has to be arranged keeping some space between them so that it gives an organized yet interesting look to the visitor.

White space is also known as negative space or empty space. I would rather call it “breathing space” because it gives breathing space to your content, so that it can survive.

White space is usually thought of as actually white in “color” which is wrong; it is the color of the background, which can be any color.

There are two types of white spacing:
Macro space --- the space between the main components in a composition.
Micro space --- the space between smaller components like images, captions, words or letters.

Some writers divide white space into these two categories:
Active white-space --- the whitespace included in a composition to better emphasize or organize the information.
Passive white-space --- the whitespace between smaller elements: the list items, captions and images, words and letters.

Why do I need white space?
Your online business's success is highly reliant on your website design and its plan. Mostly, companies and even web designers have the false impression that more is always better.

I would rather stick to what Mies van der rohe said:

“Less is more”

You have to understand that Big, Bold and Crowded is history. The idea which works now is that you don’t have to inflate the balloon so much that it explodes.

When reading a newspaper how often do you miss the next line when you get to the end of one line? Of course all of us have experienced that. It happens only because of improper line width which is a part of white spacing.

So always focus on white spacing if you don’t want the visitor to miss anything on your web page.
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Making your online business name unique is not any more an easy task. It may require to do lot of brainstorming to come up with a unique business name. Once you have a business name and spread the words, it becomes very difficult to change it and to start over all the marketing and branding techniques once again. Hence, before going into a process of naming a business, remember few points to make no mistake in naming your business.

1. Brainstorm a name that can make your brand, like Google, Amazon etc. Whether it is online world or traditional arena, a unique business can make your brand.

2. Remember that the name should be easy to pronounce and understand. The memorability of a business name depends on the phonetic. People remember easy name that simplifies the spread of your business through word of mouth.

3. Try to find variations in your business name, because you will need to register a domain having your business name, and it is not necessary that you will find the exact business name which you have thought.

4. Get a .com domain. It is natural that people initially search .com domains on the internet. Therefore, it’s better not to get .net, .org and other domain names. If .com domain is not available try other variations.

5. After getting .com version, try to get other domains of your business name in .net, .org and so on. So no other can get the same domain name to create problem for you.

6. Do not put anything extra while registering your business name domain. Avoid using the words “online”, “company” and so on. This way you will not be able to brand your business online and may face consequences in the future with your marketing and branding.
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Custom logo design should reflect corporate identity as logos are the brand ambassadors for any business. The logo design process requires especial expertise from professional logo designers. Steps involved in a logo designing process are listed below:

Gather requisite information from client: Logo designers should take into an account their client’s requirements before they move on to create an efficient logo for them. They should ask specific questions to a client such as: What message do you want to convey your target audience through a logo? Which type of logo designs appeal to you? How are you distinct from your competitors? These general questions assist the logo designers.
    Explore the Industry: After being aware of client’s goal, logo designers deeply involved in the research work. Logo designers get general understanding of client’s company and its competitors to get a better feel of the market in bull’s eye.

    Frame of Reference: This step in the logo designing process is critical one as it requires exploring why some logos have proven to be a remarkable success. Such logos serve as the frame of reference for logo designers to create a unique logo design.

    Brainstorm for Ideas: Logo designers think creatively to sketch out each idea emerging out from their wits. They perceive themselves as client’s competitor to sort out the idea that best provide a competitive advantage to their clients.

    Shape Designing Ideas: This step of logo designing process involves digital implementation of perceived idea into a logo design software to shape whether the design looks natural or not. Logo designers may implement the concept in terms of versatile typefaces, imagery, font’s size, creative outlooks and visual effects.

    Sought Client’s Feedback: The aim of this step in the logo designing process is to get maximum feedback from a client. It will ensure the logo designers to step forward in the right direction to ensure client’s satisfaction.

    Revise Designs: If client wants to change the logo design in term of his/her brand identity, quality or future business implications; then logo designers take a step forward to revise the logo design on the basis of client’s demand. They perform unlimited revisions till the client is satisfied.

    Deliver the logo design: Logo designers are supposed to deliver the finest logo design to his/her client only to let it be approved. It is wiser to keep the logo design in jpeg or gif format as these formats make it easier for a client to use the logo in web, print or any other media applications.
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    After designing a logo, you as a business owner will definitely need stationery to market your business indirectly. Stationery, which is designed perfectly, plays a vital role for the corporate identity of a company. Yet, stationery has the power to increase visibility and attract more business.

    Due to that reason, it becomes important for you to get professionally designed stationery from a well reputed stationery design company. The design company should have enough artistic ability and creativity to develop a unique and attention-grabbing stationery design for your business.

    Stationery is a great way to spread word-of-mouth about your business in the form of business cards, letter heads, envelopes and so on. Poorly designed stationery will show your business image as an under-capitalized and poorly organized venture. Hence, extra care should be given while designing stationery for your business.