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After the successful launch of the internet, the global scene of advertising and marketing took a very sharp turn. Prior to all this, the field of advertising was limited to electronic and print media coupled with outdoor forms of publicity. The induction of the internet gave us another medium of marketing and promotion, Online Advertising.

Further advancements in the internet gave birth to social media or on net social networking. The growth of social media was a very fast process due to its popularity among the masses. This eventually introduced to us yet another highly potential variety of marketing, Social Media Marketing.

Social networking for fun is now a thing of the past. In this day and age, social networking is more of a promotional stunt rather than just the means for mingling. In lieu of these undeniable facts, the best ways to promote one’s self image or business identity pass through social media networking. That is why this approach is more commonly known as social media marketing.

At the present time, small business enterprises are in the predicament of successfully making an identity and promoting their products and services throughout the globe. This problem can now easily be resolved by following a simple formula given below.

Online Advertising + Unique Logo Design + Social Media Marketing = Successful Small Business

The first two parts of the formula are being practiced upon quite effectively but the middle part which is the most important element supporting the other two is facing criminal negligence. In this article we would openly discuss the importance of a creative and unique logo design in online advertising and social media marketing.

Before we delve further in to the subject in question, there is a dire need to understand the meaning of a creative logo design. A logo is by far the identification mark of a person or business for that matter. It carries a lot more meaning to it than being a mere trademark. Having a creative logo design has to be the first priority for entrepreneurs and individuals before they even think of starting a social or any other marketing campaign. It will also not be out of place to mention here, that a creative logo design should in turn possess the extra characteristics of being unique in its kind. It’s the charisma of a unique logo design that attracts potential customers or followers.

It did not take a million years for successful online advertisers and social media marketers to become aware of the sheer importance of a unique logo design. You may witness the fact that a huge majority of businesses and individuals are now turning to get their unique logo designs developed before they embark on the journey of marketing.

This article came up in the wake of an interview with a creative logo designer and consultant.

End Note: The contents are the view points of the author and questions/responses are MORE than welcome.

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Small businesses have always been facing the problem of recognition as they are not related to such bingo things which make them renowned in the market in a huge manner. The name of a business itself can’t really project what’s the real product or business worth is, that’s why an affordable logo design representation can create an immediate and immaculate role to make a small business recognized and take it towards the popularity.

When you are in such a business how you do usually get publicize your business? By marketing and advertising of course. This is where business cards come in handy but in order to create a strong mark in the market that stands out and catches the other person's attention, you need a small business logo that is startling.

Let’s talk about what is really a logo is and how it makes your business/ brand popular and distinguished in the market. Logo is basically a graphical element or a symbol/ sign that is uniquely set and arranged for a commercial business or brand. Typically, a logo's design is for immediate recognition. The logo is one aspect of a company's commercial brand, or economic state.

Small business logo design should be created in the initial context of the brand or product, highlighting the main stream properties of it. So a buyer can easily understand that what the quality of a product is?

Always prefer professional logo designers to create your exceptional logo because an amateur logo can cost you harm in your future business and promotion. The reason behind it is if u opts for a cheap logo that doesn’t have a glimpse of your product will not only cost you on your sales but also messes up your credibility in the market.
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Dental industry is one of the most promising industries related to the medical field of practice where different dentists and dental clinics have to make their market among a large number of their competitors. The price and the quality always matters to bring the patients and customers towards them. The other factor which does really have an influence towards their marketing is that how they are able to present themselves an expert and worthy by putting a dental logos design on their façade.

A presentable and a well-abbreviated logo design can bring the customers and patients towards them. When there are some good designs you observe around, there are also some very weird and irrelevant that you cannot even swallow.

Among them we are discussing here 5 worst designs that are the nastiest one’s.

This is the most worst dental logos design that I have found there on internet which is no relevancy with the dentistry but other than that it is displaying the a porn image. These type of images used in field like dentistry, can bring adverse effects to the children, and not only children the adults wont try to ever get in to such a dental facility where they feel they can be sexually harassed.

 The second most awful dental logos design I have observed is from the biggest dental associations globally named as American Dental Association which can’t even showing a viewer that it’s related to a dental industry. There is no skills has been displayed by a logo designer to give the information what its really about instead of it, that only contain 3 words, which a mind can never pick and words description might also resemble to any other firm also. The dentistry logo would be well versed and pictorially represented for such a huge name.

The image you are seeing now is also a most horrible profession representation from a logos designer. A logo contains a tree having a snow sprinkle on it. Can you imagine it is identifying on a laboratory for dental practice. It is such a shame that the designer don’t even think that a how much stress and marketing loss it would bring to the laboratory. A building with tools of lab on its footstep would be great idea, but lack of research results in such a mess.

This is another example of the dental logos design which is not conveying the picture according to the message it is showing. The family a complete unit of people or group which are related to each other but there are no representation for all of them. It’s displaying the lacking study and research which can bring a customer to the door.

That logo makes me barf, it is displaying what can go wrong when an unskilled person (your neighbor’s brother’s uncle’s friend anyone?) designs a logo. Good logos require time and involve great forethought. A good logo should be a financial investment but also something that will benefit the long term growth of a company. Not this type of terrible thing which can’t even identifies you.