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Do you want to know, how can a corporate logo designer help you get a standout business identity?

You are the right place!

A logo design is a face just like the way a flag is a face of a nation. It is thus, designed well enough to represent a company in the best possible way by corporate logo designer. Such an important brand mark identity should be given extra amount of attention, care and love so that it relentlessly communicates on the behalf of a company.

What will you get after hiring one?

1-Out of out professional business identity:

You will get a whiff of that once you have professional and unprofessional looking brand mark identity in your hands. You can compare them both with your eyes and see what’s the difference as a whole?

2-A unique and original piece:

Art is always original. Mona Liza is the one and only one in this world, the copyrights are with Mr. Leonardo Da Vinci. A logo design is not the painting of Mona Liza but something that is made sure to be unique and original. The copyrights are always owned by the company so that nobody can cheat it.

3-A logo that is designed with business requirements:

Can you use an aero plane picture in real estate logos? No because they don’t go with each other and that a professional graphic designer knows very well. He will dig out ways to depict the business nature in as creative manner as possible. A professional will think from that third eye and will create ideas to develop new ideas.

Thereby, you should know what a website logo designer can bring in for your business by reading the above told advantages of hiring them.
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Picking out the most perfect graphic designer is an issue for the business owners especially when they have to deal with the online ones. Online business logo designer is the one who runs an e-business which lowers the overall credibility of the designer but of selected the best one; the benefits they would render you are incomparable with the rest of the graphic design companies.

A thorough research work is involved beforehand the selection process. Research work in not limited to the review of different companies but you have to critically analyze the designer as well by throwing some questions on him so as to find out if he is capable of designing your corporate identity or not.

1-Will they refund your money if you don’t like their work? What is the money back option?
2-How many revisions can they offer and after how many revisions you can ask for the refund?
3-Has the company or the designer ever won any prize or award so as to find out if they are credible enough to be hired?
4-Are there any discount offers for the clients who wish to work with the company in future as well?
5-Are there any hidden charges in the packages offered? If yes then you must be told earlier so as to avoid any future confrontation.
6-How many graphic designers would be working on your single project? Many minds ensure a great level of creativity so you should know about this beforehand.

Thereby, to avoid any future problems one has to analyze a custom logo designer before any final orders to be taken.
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What makes a logo design look perfect? That is perhaps asked by every graphic designer for even putting his 100 percent efforts, he is not able to come up with a perfect looking brand mark identity which is a very saddening thing.

Minor mistakes can cost you a lot which are often overlooked by professional graphic designers. These minor issues are way too important for a picture perfect beauty. Therefore you can follow the given points and avoid those minor mistakes.

Here is a logo design help for you:

1-Don’t ever forget the basics:

Basics are often associated with the beginners but they forget that this is the place where actual logo designing begins. Sketching is the most basic thing for a logo design kick start which is often overlooked by graphic designers. They believe them to be so perfect that they can come up with a brand mark identity without brainstorming.

2-Use of vector graphics:

Even if you have very few days left for the submission, you should make use of vector graphics for it will help create a very positive image of you on the clients. Vector graphics are scalable, professional and of high quality that are widely used by graphic designers today. So you should not overlook this important point.

3-Practice, practice and practice:

Practice makes the man perfect, how true this phrase goes with the situation. The more you have practiced your art, the more are the chances that you will end up on a rocking corporate identity for whether logo design websites or a business card.

Hence, there are so many other mistakes that are common with the professional graphic designers but the preceding ones are to name a few. You can read them and get all the ideas of designing a perfect brand recognition device for your client’s business.
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I can bet you cannot create a unique piece of brand recognition device with the help of free logo maker software. Creativity is what defines uniqueness and these softwares are no way near creativity. They are a mish mash of pre-defines templates that can only result into a disaster and nothing else.

The choice is however yours about using such a software that has no indulgence of humanistic creativity. If you are using this software and you must have downloaded it from internet than you never know your competitor might be using it as well. What will you do then?

Therefore, before going for a free logo maker download, you should know what you are going into. If you don’t then you must read as much as possible about it to understand what can be the long term consequences.

The beauty of free softwares are that they are free, they are easy to use and user-friendly which makes a user very happy but only at the initial stages. After some months and even years, they are unable to remove the bad brand image from the minds of their target audience. This is the biggest tragedy of using a free logo maker.

Before going for a free logo maker download, you should analyze all the pros and cons as it is about your business and nothing can be more important than a person’s business image. But still if you want to risk your brand image then you can always for creating a brand mark identity created with the help of free logo make software.

Hence, you can make a practical as well by downloading the software and see what you get.
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There are two types of logo design softwares that are both claimed to be free but unfortunately none of them is. One comes with a great cost while the other is almost free but the point to be noted is that both ideas have been sent down the drain. The reason is the reliability issue. This particular word covers every problem that may arise due to a logo design software use.
Reliability in what sense:

Why do you enter into a high class boutique’s shop to get your wedding dress and not a common shop near your place? Why are you so much convinced about the quality they will serve you with and not that common dress shop? Why do you think, you can rely on them?

It is all credibility and reliability game where you have to assure yourself that the product or service you are going for is worth using. Yes, this is all a reliability and credibility game because this way, you can show a hundred percent confidence on someone. Free logo designs software is the one on which you cannot rely on ever because they are not credible enough to be used for a brand mark identity.

It is a kind of a free logo designer that will render you with already stored logo designs that might be copied from somewhere else as well or might be used by your friend or arch rivals. What do you say?

Hence, you must educate yourself about the options that are presented in front of you ignoring the immediate benefits you can get like the free, easy to use features. You have to concentrate more on the long turn benefits which are very less as compare to the other options.
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You have heard about free logo design generator for the first time and want to know about it then you have reached at the right place. This post will tell you about free logo makers and what it may bring for your business as well.

Who doesn’t want to get anything for free but the possibility of getting something free for real is very low. It is because, today in such circumstances, nobody wants to give anything for free. You have to pay the cost of using free logo generator online either in the form of money or something else.

Free makers are disadvantageous as compare to the advantages. The only one advantage that you will get is the free word, although, you can never guarantee it. Other demerits are:

1-It may render the same kind of logo again and again; therefore, the chances are very high that your competitor may end up on a similar looking corporate identity. Can you handle this?

2-What happens when one tries to steal the idea of another? You obviously want to sue him for using your idea but first ask yourself, if that really was your idea? So how on earth you can claim the rights of it.

3-Clipart have always been fallible. Graphic designers hate the idea of using clipart because there is no quality and perfection. If you want to create a standout brand mark identity that can be compared with the rest then how can you rely on clipart compositions?

4-Do you know how many times this free logo generators have been used by the business owners? Do you know how old the designs are? You know that logo design trends changes with time and it is wise to keep up with the world, no matter how fast paced it is.

Therefore, you need to understand what is good for your and what is bad so that you can take wise decision of yourself and your business.
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Nothing in the world is free – it is not any famous quote or phrase but a reality statement. You cannot buy anything for free as today; everyone is running a rat race of money. Same is the case with logo designing. It is such an important marketing and advertising vehicle that you cannot even imagine getting it for free. Logos are a brand ambassador of a company which may cost million dollars, like, can estimate the cost of Nike’s or McDonald’s logo? No, because they have turned into a brand mark identity!

There are many ways of free logo creation which are preferred by business owners especially the startups as most of them are reluctant of investing in a little pictorial representation of their company. It is all because they are unaware of its importance.

Free logo builder is one of the online logo design tool and of course used by millions of people out there because of the free word attached to it. Some of them are free for real while some of them are not. Furthermore, the price you will have to pay for mending the damage to your business reputation by using a clipart logo will be much higher than before.

Yes, they are all made of clipart composition which may not deliver such quality results as that of a professional graphic designer. So the catch here is that you should think twice before going for such free logo builder options otherwise you will be pulling your hairs in the end and nothing else.

Hence, you can go for whichever way you like the best but make sure you know what you are doing? Are you being sincere with your corporate identity? Do you want to take risks or you want to ensure a perfectly done brand mark identity. The choice is yours!
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Do you know about EPS or TIFF? Have you ever heard about them? They are the file formats that may be used to deliver the logos for your newly established business but if in case you don’t have sufficient knowledge about them, you will definitely get confused. Eventually, you will be downloading softwares so that you can read the logo design. This may invite various viruses as well!

I think the solution for this problem can be a good understanding of the logo format that is used by the graphic designers today. Here are they:


Do you know about EPS? I know, very few people know about it. It is but commonly used by graphic designers in their field because of the various features offered by it including the import and export of postscript files. EPS files are very versatile which makes it even more loved by the graphic designers.


PSD is a Photoshop file which supports raster based file system involving lots of channels and layers which gives an extra space for creativity for a graphic designer. This is why; most of the logo designing today is done in this file format.


TIFF is liked when one wants to get his logo design printed. It is because of the high quality color pictures it renders. Tagged image file format is therefore the hot favorite of contemporary graphic designers.TIFF supports every image mode including RGB and LAB. Furthermore, it also supports CMYK colors which help in rendering complete and quality pictures.


AI is an acronym for adobe illustrator which is another graphic design software used by expert designers. Apart from the great design features it offers, the room for editing it serves is incomparable with other file formats.

Hence, one can use the preceding information to get all the knowledge about different logo file formats.