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Suppose if you are getting ready to run every day jobs on a busy Sunday morning, thinking about the groceries that need to be purchased, the dry cleaned cloths that need to be picked up, and the letters that must get to the post office before midday. The trip to the post office prompts you that your cousin’s birthday is next Tuesday and you need to buy and mail a birthday gift along with a greeting card. You start panicking; got no clue what are you going to do with this problem, but hey! In a quarter of a second a name flashes in your mind “Walmart” Ta da! You got the instant solution of your problem!

But the question that raises here is; why did you think of Wal-Mart?

The answer to this question has everything to do with Walmart’s branding strategy. Walmart planned a smashing corporate branding strategy and worked on it with the support of their team day and night to achieve the position they are now on. Because of the same branding strategy billions of people know about Walmart as well as they adore it.

Now let’s talk about the elements that make a great company like Walmart:

1. Simplify your business by defining or re-defining your target market:
One of the best ways to plan a business branding strategy or redefining an existing strategy is to go through your business areas to re-evaluate your product’s image, its effects on the consumers and its marketing process to re-define your target market.

2. Perform an extensive research on your competitor’s branding strategies:
In order to come up with a unique corporate branding strategy you must conduct a thorough research on your competitor’s branding strategies. Try to figure out why they are successful, in order to apply the techniques they have used to gain betterment. Also look for the mistakes they have made which caused them any tribulations and the loop holes they currently have in their branding strategy, to avoid those slips while planning yours.

3. Find your USP (Unique Selling Proposition, also known as Unique Selling Point):
USP is a concept of marketing that was first presented as a theory to explicate an outline among successful advertising campaigns in the early 1940s by Rosser Reeves of Ted Bates & Company. Such campaigns make unique proposals to the customers which convince them to switch brands. If you want to beat your rivalries you need to get your hands on a USP.

4. Be interchangeable and innovatory:
To become a successful business person you need to be interchangeable no matter what circumstances come to your way, just make yourself flexible enough to get mold whenever needed. “Change” is a routine part of business world and things get changed within seconds as prices go up and down, strategies get failed in friction of seconds, workers come up with offensive maneuvers and so on. The key is to keep calm and flexible.

5. Evaluate your business branding strategy by Avoiding all the errors:
Finally, the evaluation part comes. When you have completely planned your business branding strategy you have to deeply look into all the aspects of your branding strategy to make sure there are no loop holes left. Also the process of tracking and eliminating all the textual errors from; stationeries, websites, blogs or social network places is crucial because little errors give a false impression to clients about the company or its products, which is not an acceptable thing for your business.

“In business, people fall, get up and then learn from their mistakes. One, who learns from other’s mistakes and skips the falling part, is the real business man.”
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Every business needs a logo design to obtain an individual identity. Logos are not only created to portray a business image but they depict the personality of the business owner as well as the entire business team. If a logo design is decent, creative and effective, it will help the company to stand out head and shoulders above from the rest of its competitors.

There are two common options for any business to choose between, a custom logo design or a free logo design. Where a free logo doesn’t allow you to do a lot with the logo design, there are immense benefits of a custom logo design. Here I am putting down the 4 primary benefits of a custom logo design for you to understand why a custom made logo is so important for a business;

4 significant benefits of a custom logo design:

1. It follows the business theme: As a custom design contains symbols and objects in accordance with the company’s name, slogan, services and products; it goes in concordance to the ideologies of the firm which helps the business to make an appropriate impact.

2. It portrays the right message: For the reason that a custom logo is fully personalized whether it’s about logo colors, typography or the slogan of the company, the logo sends the right message of the company and makes a high impact on the masses.

3. It can be customized and resized: A custom logo design can be edited and resized without the risk of damaging its pixel or color quality because you have got all the objects and layers saved individually as an editable file format. Therefore modifying a custom logo is not a problem.

4. It’s your own property: A customized logo is free of copyright issues as it is totally designed with the original themes and ideas so no one can claim it as a copy of his artwork.

I am sure after getting familiar with the given pointers you will learn why a custom logo is way superior to a free logo design.

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Plagiarism is an ever increasing pain in the neck for logo designers who put so many efforts to come up with unique logo designs. Plagiarism has especially increased with the dawn of the internet technology. Just by doing a simple click or a minor search on Google, anyone can copy the corporate logos. As a matter of fact, Google itself has not been safe from this unethical action. Google recently warned “Goojje”, which is a Chinese search engine to change its logo design. It happened when Google found out that “Goojje” has made a facsimile of their world famous Google logo.

As plagiarism has become a widespread problem in this era, people often plagiarize materials which are easily and readily available on internet. Be it the education area or the corporate business world, the nuisance of plagiarism is predominant. The same annoyance exists in the logo designing industry. You will witness diverse logos that either resemble other logos or are an out-and-out copy. Regardless of how you come up with a logo design for your company, you have to make certain it does not unintentionally fall into the parameters of logo thievery.

There is a huge difference between an original logo design and a logo design inspired from another. Innovation is something that many logo designers claim but getting inspired from a logo design, making minor changes to it and then claiming it to be fresh and unique is not called originality.

Even though, many logo designers have been defending themselves by saying that creative minds think similarly and I think they are not completely wrong. What happens is that a logo designer observes so many logo designs in his life, so purposely or unconsciously, he follows those logo design ideas when designing for a client.

However, there must be a way to stay safe from the plagiarizers, because you never know when you get to see your own logo on someone else’s website with a different name and slogan!
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Do you face the problem of people not understanding the theme of your business and services?

Do they keep asking you to explain your brand strategies very often? It’s time to take action and do something about it. But do what? Is that your question? Allow me to explain;

What represents a company’s image at the first place? It’s the logo of a business. It’s the logo that makes your identity and builds a delicate credibility. And for the answer of the question that

why people don’t recognize and understand the basic concepts of your business?

“It’s because of your business logo design.”

When a logo is unable to communicate to the audience it is totally ineffective. Every viewer looks for the basic message or idea of a company in a logo design to decide whether he wants to spend money on its products/services or not.

The things a customer looks for in a logo design are its elegance, uniqueness and credibility. If a logo fails to give these three impressions, the potential customer vanishes. It has been seen many times that even if a logo is designed in a very fine manner it still doesn’t make the company’s desired impact. In this case; there is no fault of the logo designer or the team behind the logo ideologies. It’s just bad luck.

Now, to overcome the bad consequences of the above mentioned situation a designer is left with only one choice, that’s to transform the logo into an animated logo design. By sticking to the original design one can transform a static logo into an animated one with less efforts and hassles.

These are the three benefits of turning a static logo into an animated one;

1. Your logo design becomes conversational to send your company’s message to the audiences.

2. Your logo design starts to respond to the queries of potential clients by giving the crystal clear picture of your business theme.

3. And last but not the least; your logo begins to assist people when they need any help related to your business field by showing the correspondent elements of your business sphere, which drags people to your spot.

So, you get the picture of how an unsuccessful logo can become the strongest part of your business, and raise your sales graph to the top which is a dream of every businessperson!

As a news flash, if your logo is not communicative, you have got to turn it into an animated logo right away!
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A logo is an asset that ideally conveys the true message of your brand to the target audience. There are two common types of logos; custom logos and premade logos. A custom logo design is way superior to a premade logo design because a premade logo is already stuffed with some shapes, elements and colors and you don’t have many options to modify them.

At the other hand, the custom logo designs are started from scratch by choosing color schemes and fonts, and by creating new symbols and objects. Therefore a custom logo design is the right choice for your precious business and you should not have any second thoughts about it.

Now as we have discovered that a custom logo design is the right option for your business, we have to look at the outline of benefits a custom logo can bring:

• Custom logo designs are created specifically according to the theme of your business. Also a custom logo serves itself to specify your business strategies to the clients while premade logos stay in the boundaries of traditional designing, which is definitely not suitable for you.

• As there are uncountable brands in the market a custom logo helps you to create a unique brand identity which leads you to a better recognition. Likewise, clients remember your brand for a long time if your custom logo is designed under the specifications of your business theme and products.

• A well-designed custom logo gives the impression of stability and credibility which a premade logo cannot render. Custom logo designs are admirable for the reason that their design goes in the accordance with the company’s name and slogan.

As a result, there are uncountable benefits of custom logo designs that make custom logos superior than premade logos.