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Dental industry is one of the most promising industries related to the medical field of practice where different dentists and dental clinics have to make their market among a large number of their competitors. The price and the quality always matters to bring the patients and customers towards them. The other factor which does really have an influence towards their marketing is that how they are able to present themselves an expert and worthy by putting a dental logos design on their façade.

A presentable and a well-abbreviated logo design can bring the customers and patients towards them. When there are some good designs you observe around, there are also some very weird and irrelevant that you cannot even swallow.

Among them we are discussing here 5 worst designs that are the nastiest one’s.

This is the most worst dental logos design that I have found there on internet which is no relevancy with the dentistry but other than that it is displaying the a porn image. These type of images used in field like dentistry, can bring adverse effects to the children, and not only children the adults wont try to ever get in to such a dental facility where they feel they can be sexually harassed.

 The second most awful dental logos design I have observed is from the biggest dental associations globally named as American Dental Association which can’t even showing a viewer that it’s related to a dental industry. There is no skills has been displayed by a logo designer to give the information what its really about instead of it, that only contain 3 words, which a mind can never pick and words description might also resemble to any other firm also. The dentistry logo would be well versed and pictorially represented for such a huge name.

The image you are seeing now is also a most horrible profession representation from a logos designer. A logo contains a tree having a snow sprinkle on it. Can you imagine it is identifying on a laboratory for dental practice. It is such a shame that the designer don’t even think that a how much stress and marketing loss it would bring to the laboratory. A building with tools of lab on its footstep would be great idea, but lack of research results in such a mess.

This is another example of the dental logos design which is not conveying the picture according to the message it is showing. The family a complete unit of people or group which are related to each other but there are no representation for all of them. It’s displaying the lacking study and research which can bring a customer to the door.

That logo makes me barf, it is displaying what can go wrong when an unskilled person (your neighbor’s brother’s uncle’s friend anyone?) designs a logo. Good logos require time and involve great forethought. A good logo should be a financial investment but also something that will benefit the long term growth of a company. Not this type of terrible thing which can’t even identifies you.
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  1. Dear Emma... thanks for your comments on our blog echoecho and sharing it... i enjoyed visiting your blog too and studies your did on logos, especially this discussion you proposed on "worst logos ever designed" . The first one is incredible... if i find cool stuff about logos, will let you know... french logos maybe... keep going... mathieu

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