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A famous adage says “a picture speaks a thousand words”. This adage is perfectly implies to the advertising banners in online marketing, which you see over internet every day. A banner literally speaks thousands of words and makes a potential customer mind to purchase or not to purchase.

Usually web banner consists of graphic design; business logo and a link back to official website. Banner can be static or animated. Let us see how advertising through banner can be advantageous for business owners.

Quality of a banner is the primary step towards success of advertising campaign.

Banner advertising campaign is cost effective. It will cost you very less to design and run a banner as compare to the other form of online advertising.

Banner advertising speeds up the lead generation process and increases the possibility of qualified leads.

Online business branding of a product and service could be done through banner advertising effectively.

RIO of the advertisement campaign can be measured in banner advertising over internet, whereas in traditional advertising RIO cannot be measured accurately.

Banner is also effective for SEO, as it will provide a link back towards your website.
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