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Dealing with Spamming has become our daily activity. There would be no one who doesn’t receive spam in his e-mail box. Whether it’s a bourgeoisie or a multi billionaire business man, one way or other he has to encounter these spamming e-mails no matter how much security he puts on his inbox. Now, Let’s talk about what is spam and why and how it is done?

What is spamming?
When a company or an individual sends out advertisements in bulk mailing, no matter if you have agreed to receive these offers or not, this is called spamming.

Why it is done and what are the types of Spamming?

Spamming is done for different purposes;

1. To promote a particular company’s name or product (by evoking the emotions or excitement of the readers).

2. To take out personal information of the reader, which can be for any reason let it be for future blackjacking or just to get some money by fooling someone.

3. To get people click on some advertisements so the spammers can get paid via PTC (PTC is a program through which you can get paid just if people click on your installed adds on a website or a blog).

What do the spammers get and why do people get into spamming trap?

The answer for this one is real simple; MONEY, MONEY and more MONEY! How? I just mentioned that in the previous lines.

Who falls in the spammers trap?

The ratio of people who get scammed, or just get to pay some money for a piece of crap product over the internet (which many times don’t even exist!) is very low, but there are people who believe in these spamming emails. These are those people who are usually new to internet and don’t know what exactly spam is and how much damage it can do to them. Many times people even give away their credit card numbers or social security numbers which cost them some good trouble about which they never imagined of.

What is the solution or, How to be saved from this annoyance?

Well, there are no set rules or pre requisites to stay away from spam. However you may follow the following points if you want to be saved from those spammers out there as much as you can;

• Do not open the mails that you receive in your mail box’s spam folder, especially those ones that have images attached to them, until or unless you recognize the sender or there e-mail id.

• If you receive any suspicious e-mails in your inbox, mark them spam by clicking on the SPAM button without opening them.

• Every Email service comes with spam filtration options that lessens the spamming emails. You may change your spam setting by going to your mail box settings option to set the level of security you want (but you have to remember that putting your mail box on a higher extent of security will allow some of your important and legit emails to the spam folder too).

If you don’t want to lose your sleeps, you better be aware of spam and all of its hassles.

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