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Do you know about EPS or TIFF? Have you ever heard about them? They are the file formats that may be used to deliver the logos for your newly established business but if in case you don’t have sufficient knowledge about them, you will definitely get confused. Eventually, you will be downloading softwares so that you can read the logo design. This may invite various viruses as well!

I think the solution for this problem can be a good understanding of the logo format that is used by the graphic designers today. Here are they:


Do you know about EPS? I know, very few people know about it. It is but commonly used by graphic designers in their field because of the various features offered by it including the import and export of postscript files. EPS files are very versatile which makes it even more loved by the graphic designers.


PSD is a Photoshop file which supports raster based file system involving lots of channels and layers which gives an extra space for creativity for a graphic designer. This is why; most of the logo designing today is done in this file format.


TIFF is liked when one wants to get his logo design printed. It is because of the high quality color pictures it renders. Tagged image file format is therefore the hot favorite of contemporary graphic designers.TIFF supports every image mode including RGB and LAB. Furthermore, it also supports CMYK colors which help in rendering complete and quality pictures.


AI is an acronym for adobe illustrator which is another graphic design software used by expert designers. Apart from the great design features it offers, the room for editing it serves is incomparable with other file formats.

Hence, one can use the preceding information to get all the knowledge about different logo file formats.
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