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As artists, we all must understand the differences between the texts based emblems and emblems based on symbols and images only. When making car logos and names, artists will likely seek to make an icon based brand mark — somehow you will have to face and come to the level of competition going in the market. Text based brand marks seem like the easy way out. You will find many types of brand marks used in different styles out there, and all of them are nearly very good. You have to beat them and design something that stands out among all the others. Many artists prefer making icons, as they feel it’s more creative and requires more innovative thinking. But if we discuss which ones are more effective than the other one, than there is no comparison because both of them perform really well and have the same effect on the audience.

It is all up to you whether you want a text based brand mark design, or an image based. Whichever style you chose there are certain rules that you must follow in both the styles. In text based styles, you have to give extra care to the type face. The font should complement the features and attributes of the automobile brand. And if you are choosing the pictorial style of brand marking, then the image that you are choosing should relate to the title and the prominent features of the vehicle. Any image that you choose should completely relate to the business and should be appropriate.

You can also apply both the styles in a single smart car logo design. You can combine text and a pictorial illustration to make a brand mark. But a lot of brain storming is required for this type of combination. If you don’t have any unique ideas for this type of brand marking, than it is preferred that you don’t go for it.

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