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Car washes are a business that can be advertised to any sort of people. Any person who owns a car is a potential for your business. If services presented are equal to those presented by other identical companies, it is the car wash corporation with a more effectual advertising campaign that does well in the long run.


Tokens for car washes can be incorporated in newspapers, grocery store receipts and bulk mailers. Away from your own advertising, you can use your competitor's advertising efforts also. Accepting contestant tokens can drive in drive-by traffic who are searching for a suitable yet low-cost car wash.

Special Occasions

Unlock your doors to native non-profits and host charity performances. Parent organizations, Sports teams and kid's groups are always searching for an effectual way to get money. If a college has 600 students and forty percent come for a charity performance, not only will you assist the society, but you will also have displayed a great number of clients how fantastic your car wash is.

Punch Cards

Give customers of your car wash a punch card that marks every wash they get. Recompense them with a gratis service as nine punches. This gives patrons an inducement to visit you entirely. Devotion comes with worth. If you proffer a wonderful service and can give it for a better price, you will enhance profit business numbers.

Cross Advertising

Speak to other local companies and search for ways to work jointly. By keeping car wash logo symbols and tokens obtainable at your car wash  for your customers to lift up while waiting for their car, you can get reciprocation at oil and lube shops, restaurants and other small companies that would be eager to leave your tokens out. The top cross advertising works with organizations that have the identical target category as you do: gas stations, mechanic shops and auto insurance agencies.

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