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Before going into details, let us see what makes the corporate big brands big. Big brands have not been always big, they started with a small venture and with good marketing and branding strategies they thrive and succeeded. On one hand, large corporate organizations invest a large share of their income on research and development. And on the other hand they focus on building relationships and customer experience.

You must be wondering how a small business owner like you, who has limited budget for marketing and branding activities, can invest like corporate brands. The simple fact is that you can do it too, and you don’t need a high budget, all you need to do is to use your brain. Advancements in technology have made the communication smarter, cheaper and simpler for your company. The following points will let you know how you can brand your business effectively.

1. Establish a Position
The difficult part but the most rewarding is to rightly position your brand in the mind of a customer. First of all, know your competitors by listing down their strengths and weaknesses. Understand what they do well and what they do poor. Now, after competitor analysis make out how you can differentiate your company. Words like better, cheaper, faster and so on can help you a lot in creating a unique brand positioning.

2. Speak With a Single Voice
After developing a difference in your company and product and service, it’s time to create a positioning statement that can speak out loud about your positioning. Remember not to scattered away what you have promised. Be customer focused and provide the exact quality which you have promised in you positioning statement.

3. Reward Customer Loyalty
It is a known fact that it’s cheaper to hold an old customer than making a new one for your company. Therefore, it’s better to reward you old customer to stay loyal with rewarding strategies. Frequency discounts, gifts, value added services, thank you card, calls and letter etc. are few ways to reward your old yet loyal customers.

4. Find the Emotional Connection
In our lives we celebrate events from birth to death; your customers do it as well. Don’t overlook the opportunity to create emotional connection with your customer through these events. Never forget to greet them on every occasion to build a lasting relationship for your company.

5. Advertise Wisely & Consistently
Direct mail, public relation, sponsorships and charitable events, internet and website design, events and trade shows, newspaper and magazine are some powerful marketing and advertising channels to keep your customer informed with product and services you offer. But, strategy of consistency is imperative to create a greater and long term brand positioning.

These branding strategies are done by large organization, but you can do it too with limited budget. All you need to do is to think and craft a corporate brand identity strategy that can rightly position your brand in the right target market.
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