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"A logo is a visual representation of your company. This should look good at any size. A logo is a very important choice to make and should never be changed once you’ve decided upon a good one. Two million businesses are formed each year, and a logo will help you stand out from these." Jay Conrad Levinson, Guerrilla Marketing, Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 1984

"Be careful to present yourself so that others’ first impressions correspond to what you want . . . Wear your facade with pride." Richard Koch, The Natural Laws of Business, Doubleday, New York, 2000

"Realize that your company is going to project an image regardless of whether you plan it or not. That image is either going to help or hurt you." Richard White, The Entrepreneur’s Manual Chilton Book Co., Radnor, PA, 1977.


1. Your company and brand specific logo design differentiates your business from others visually, identifying the product or service you provide.

2. It creates a sweet spot, a point of familiarity between you and the marketplace.

3. It should exude authenticity. Customers crave what’s real and genuine. A logo that looks like clip art demeans your business. A unique logo design justify your business image.

4. A good corporate logo builds your brand. It’s your promise to perform. And a promise is the heart of good advertising.

5. A logo is one of the most valuable assets of your business. The more it’s used, the more equity it builds. And the more image and brand equity you have, the more valuable your business becomes. This is especially important if you plan to someday sell your company.
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