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Making your online business name unique is not any more an easy task. It may require to do lot of brainstorming to come up with a unique business name. Once you have a business name and spread the words, it becomes very difficult to change it and to start over all the marketing and branding techniques once again. Hence, before going into a process of naming a business, remember few points to make no mistake in naming your business.

1. Brainstorm a name that can make your brand, like Google, Amazon etc. Whether it is online world or traditional arena, a unique business can make your brand.

2. Remember that the name should be easy to pronounce and understand. The memorability of a business name depends on the phonetic. People remember easy name that simplifies the spread of your business through word of mouth.

3. Try to find variations in your business name, because you will need to register a domain having your business name, and it is not necessary that you will find the exact business name which you have thought.

4. Get a .com domain. It is natural that people initially search .com domains on the internet. Therefore, it’s better not to get .net, .org and other domain names. If .com domain is not available try other variations.

5. After getting .com version, try to get other domains of your business name in .net, .org and so on. So no other can get the same domain name to create problem for you.

6. Do not put anything extra while registering your business name domain. Avoid using the words “online”, “company” and so on. This way you will not be able to brand your business online and may face consequences in the future with your marketing and branding.
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