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The storage department of any shop is a mess, everything is everywhere. It has the same products that are for sale in the shop but there is a difference in their placement. Why? Because it’s out of bound for the customers but in his shop the owner has to sell the products, so he displays them in an organized and simple manner so that every product holds its own position and doesn’t overshadow any other product. That space left between individual products or items is what you call white space.

Your webpage is also like a shop which people walk in to when they log in. Every advertisement, content or picture has to be arranged keeping some space between them so that it gives an organized yet interesting look to the visitor.

White space is also known as negative space or empty space. I would rather call it “breathing space” because it gives breathing space to your content, so that it can survive.

White space is usually thought of as actually white in “color” which is wrong; it is the color of the background, which can be any color.

There are two types of white spacing:
Macro space --- the space between the main components in a composition.
Micro space --- the space between smaller components like images, captions, words or letters.

Some writers divide white space into these two categories:
Active white-space --- the whitespace included in a composition to better emphasize or organize the information.
Passive white-space --- the whitespace between smaller elements: the list items, captions and images, words and letters.

Why do I need white space?
Your online business's success is highly reliant on your website design and its plan. Mostly, companies and even web designers have the false impression that more is always better.

I would rather stick to what Mies van der rohe said:

“Less is more”

You have to understand that Big, Bold and Crowded is history. The idea which works now is that you don’t have to inflate the balloon so much that it explodes.

When reading a newspaper how often do you miss the next line when you get to the end of one line? Of course all of us have experienced that. It happens only because of improper line width which is a part of white spacing.

So always focus on white spacing if you don’t want the visitor to miss anything on your web page.
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