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Suppose if you are getting ready to run every day jobs on a busy Sunday morning, thinking about the groceries that need to be purchased, the dry cleaned cloths that need to be picked up, and the letters that must get to the post office before midday. The trip to the post office prompts you that your cousin’s birthday is next Tuesday and you need to buy and mail a birthday gift along with a greeting card. You start panicking; got no clue what are you going to do with this problem, but hey! In a quarter of a second a name flashes in your mind “Walmart” Ta da! You got the instant solution of your problem!

But the question that raises here is; why did you think of Wal-Mart?

The answer to this question has everything to do with Walmart’s branding strategy. Walmart planned a smashing corporate branding strategy and worked on it with the support of their team day and night to achieve the position they are now on. Because of the same branding strategy billions of people know about Walmart as well as they adore it.

Now let’s talk about the elements that make a great company like Walmart:

1. Simplify your business by defining or re-defining your target market:
One of the best ways to plan a business branding strategy or redefining an existing strategy is to go through your business areas to re-evaluate your product’s image, its effects on the consumers and its marketing process to re-define your target market.

2. Perform an extensive research on your competitor’s branding strategies:
In order to come up with a unique corporate branding strategy you must conduct a thorough research on your competitor’s branding strategies. Try to figure out why they are successful, in order to apply the techniques they have used to gain betterment. Also look for the mistakes they have made which caused them any tribulations and the loop holes they currently have in their branding strategy, to avoid those slips while planning yours.

3. Find your USP (Unique Selling Proposition, also known as Unique Selling Point):
USP is a concept of marketing that was first presented as a theory to explicate an outline among successful advertising campaigns in the early 1940s by Rosser Reeves of Ted Bates & Company. Such campaigns make unique proposals to the customers which convince them to switch brands. If you want to beat your rivalries you need to get your hands on a USP.

4. Be interchangeable and innovatory:
To become a successful business person you need to be interchangeable no matter what circumstances come to your way, just make yourself flexible enough to get mold whenever needed. “Change” is a routine part of business world and things get changed within seconds as prices go up and down, strategies get failed in friction of seconds, workers come up with offensive maneuvers and so on. The key is to keep calm and flexible.

5. Evaluate your business branding strategy by Avoiding all the errors:
Finally, the evaluation part comes. When you have completely planned your business branding strategy you have to deeply look into all the aspects of your branding strategy to make sure there are no loop holes left. Also the process of tracking and eliminating all the textual errors from; stationeries, websites, blogs or social network places is crucial because little errors give a false impression to clients about the company or its products, which is not an acceptable thing for your business.

“In business, people fall, get up and then learn from their mistakes. One, who learns from other’s mistakes and skips the falling part, is the real business man.”
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