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Plagiarism is an ever increasing pain in the neck for logo designers who put so many efforts to come up with unique logo designs. Plagiarism has especially increased with the dawn of the internet technology. Just by doing a simple click or a minor search on Google, anyone can copy the corporate logos. As a matter of fact, Google itself has not been safe from this unethical action. Google recently warned “Goojje”, which is a Chinese search engine to change its logo design. It happened when Google found out that “Goojje” has made a facsimile of their world famous Google logo.

As plagiarism has become a widespread problem in this era, people often plagiarize materials which are easily and readily available on internet. Be it the education area or the corporate business world, the nuisance of plagiarism is predominant. The same annoyance exists in the logo designing industry. You will witness diverse logos that either resemble other logos or are an out-and-out copy. Regardless of how you come up with a logo design for your company, you have to make certain it does not unintentionally fall into the parameters of logo thievery.

There is a huge difference between an original logo design and a logo design inspired from another. Innovation is something that many logo designers claim but getting inspired from a logo design, making minor changes to it and then claiming it to be fresh and unique is not called originality.

Even though, many logo designers have been defending themselves by saying that creative minds think similarly and I think they are not completely wrong. What happens is that a logo designer observes so many logo designs in his life, so purposely or unconsciously, he follows those logo design ideas when designing for a client.

However, there must be a way to stay safe from the plagiarizers, because you never know when you get to see your own logo on someone else’s website with a different name and slogan!
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